EasyTalent One-Way
Video Interviews

Video interviewing has become mainstream

Video interviewing is one of the top HR trends of 2019.

Apple, Google, Tata Steel, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, GE, Facebook, Twitter, Nissan and many more – indeed, almost 70%

of all companies – use video interviewing.

Video interviewing is transforming recruiting.

It helps slash time-to-hire and cost-to-hire. And it significantly raises quality-of-hire.

The world of recruiting is quickly adopting video interviewing to hire at all levels – from entry-level workers to experienced professionals. Video interviewing also helps you eliminate scheduling headaches, remove interview bias, bring consistency to your interview process, and increase candidate experience.

So what is Video Interviewing?

In its simplest sense, video interviewing uses video technology to conduct interviews remotely. There are two common ways to do this:

One-way Video Interview:

A pre-recorded session, in which the candidate records answers to a list of questions and submits to the recruiter. The recruiters and hiring managers then review those recordings at their convenience.

Two-way Video Interview:

A live interview, in which there is a live two-way dialogue between the candidate and interviewer via webcam. So, this is like a traditional live interview, but conducted by video rather than in person.

EasyTalent One-way Video Interviews

- Asynchronous, standardized, agile, and scalable

Have candidates record their video answers to your questions. Gain insights into candidates quickly. With video interviews you can quickly size up candidates’ appearance, mannerisms and communication.

One-way video interviews are very convenient - candidates can record their interview at the time and place of their choosing, which can then be viewed by you anytime. This increases candidate experience and your productivity by a significant factor.


Benefits of EasyTalent One-way Interviews

  • Send one-way video interview questions to 100s, 1000s...of applicants in one go, and they can all respond virtually simultaneously
  • Shrink your candidate screening stretch from weeks to hours
  • Just indicate a window of time for candidates to respond, and they can respond to your questions on their own time within the window
  • So, no scheduling hassles. No worries for you
  • Don’t tie yourself in scheduling telephonic interviews and spending your active time with candidates early in the process
  • Assess candidates’ one-way video interview responses at your own time
  • Your one-way video interview questions will be same for all candidates
  • Eliminate bias, establish fairness and be compliant legally
  • Share candidates’ recorded video with any number of managers
  • Get their feedback and rating on candidates
  • Customize the look of user interface with your logo & brand. Add company videos and presentations.
  • Create a great impression in candidates taking the one-way video interview
  • If candidates get disconnected from the Internet, they can re-login and continue their one-way video interview from the last question they were responding to when disconnection occurred.

EasyTalent Two-way Video Interview

synchronous, structured, self-scheduled, and interactive

Two-way video interviews enable you to conduct face-to-face interviews without the hassle of scheduling or getting candidates to travel.


EasyTalent Panel Interview

Panel video interviews enable you to either assemble a virtual panel of assessors for interviewing candidates, or you can get candidates into group discussions for observing their behaviour in group dynamics.