Others' Perception

Revealing the Unseen You: Exploring Your Personality Traits through the Johari Window (a.k.a. “Iceberg Theory” )


Welcome to a captivating journey of interpersonal relationships-discovery, where the hidden facets of your personality are illuminated through the intriguing lens of the Johari Window. Our exploration into your perceived personality traits invites you to uncover the perspectives others hold about you. By embracing this insightful process, you will gain a deeper understanding of your interpersonal dynamics, nurture more meaningful relationships, and embark on a path of personal growth and self-awareness.

The Johari window or Iceberg Theory – Part of you is visible (superficial) above the ice berg and a deeper part of you is submerged (underneath the iceberg) :

Part of you which is superficial and visible-

  1. As you wish others to see you

  2. As others perceive you

  3. As you wish to be perceived by others

  4. As others wish you to perceive you.

Self How you would like to be perceived by others in future. How others would like to perceive you in future. Others
How you currently think you are perceived by others currently. How others perceive you currently.

Part of which is submerged and not visible-

  1. Aspects about yourself that you would like to conceal from others.

  2. Aspects about yourself others would like to conceal from you.

  3. Aspects about yourself that you think others do not know and you wish to reveal to others

  4. Aspects about yourself that others think you do not know would want to be revealed to you.

Self Aspects about yourself that you think others do not know and they should know about you. Aspects about yourself that others think you do not know and would want you to know. Others
Aspects about yourself that you think others do not know and they should not know. Aspects about yourself that others think you do not know and would not want you to know.

This Johari window is one of the most important and fascinating psychological tools that sheds light on our self-perception and the perceptions others have of us. It divides our personality traits into four distinct quadrants, each offering a unique perspective on our hidden and known qualities. It has immense value for social and interpersonal relations.

Unveiling the Layers of Perception :

  1. Open Area (Arena): Discover the personality traits that are both known to you and recognized by others. This quadrant represents your public self, where your strengths and characteristics are openly shared.

  2. Blind Spot: Explore the personality traits that others perceive but remain hidden from your own awareness. This zone offers valuable insights into aspects of your behaviour that might be surprising to you.

  3. Hidden Area (Facade): Delve into the traits that you are aware of but choose to keep hidden from others. By revealing some of these attributes, you can foster deeper connections and enhance authenticity.

  4. Unknown Area: Engage in the thrilling exploration of the uncharted territory of your personality—traits that neither you nor others are aware of. This quadrant represents untapped potential and opportunities for growth.

Navigating Your Johari Window Experience :

  1. Self-Assessment: Begin your journey by reflecting on your own personality traits, identifying those you believe are known to you and those that might be hidden from your awareness.

  2. Impression of PWMs: Seek honest input from trusted individuals in your life—friends, family, and colleagues (PWMMs -People Who Matter Most) - Their insights will contribute to the blind spot and open area of your Johari Window.

  3. Integration and Reflection: As you uncover new perspectives, reflect on the overlaps and discrepancies between your self-assessment and the feedback received.

  4. Expansion and Growth: Embrace the opportunity to enlarge your open area and disclose certain hidden facets. As you do so, you will invite greater understanding and connection with those around you.

Illuminating Personal Stories :

Immerse yourself into this insight – keep a digital log – about yourself using our platform for the Johari Window journey. Witness and track your personal transformation as you navigate the delicate balance between self-discovery and interpersonal growth.


Your exploration of the Johari Window invites you to embrace the profound tapestry of your personality and interpersonal dynamics. By unveiling the layers of perception that shape your interactions, you are not just learning about yourself—you are forging a path towards deeper connections, authenticity, and the boundless potential of self-awareness.

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Ready to embark on your Johari Window journey? Join us now and uncover the unseen facets of your personality, enrich your relationships, and embark on a voyage of growth and self-discovery. Your journey of illumination begins here.