How EasyTalent maps
Personality to Job

Which personality assessment framework does EasyTalent use?

EasyTalent’s integrated personality testing instruments are based on the Big-Five Framework, which enjoys considerable support and has become the most widely used and extensively researched model of personality.

The five traits dimensions mentioned below above are thought to be at varying degrees the main parts that make up a person’s personality. EasyTalent assesses the varying degrees of these dimensions present in candidates:


The degree to which an individual is creative and imaginative or conventional and grounded.


The measurement of an individual’s ability to control their impulses.


The extent to which someone is out-going and enjoys interacting with the external world.


The measure of social harmony, non-confrontation & cooperation that an individual may pursue.


The amount of negative feelings/emotions an individual may feel.

Testing Instruments for Big-Five Dimensions

Several testing instruments have been developed to measure the Big-Five dimensions. The most comprehensive instrument is the 240-item Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R), which is considered by many psychologists to be the best inventory for measuring Big-Five domains and six specific facets within each dimension. The NEO PI-R is a commercial inventory authored by Costa and McCrae., and copyrighted by Psychological Assessment Resources in Florida.

It takes about 45 minutes to complete the NEO PI-R, and therefore too lengthy for normal use. Lengthy assessments reduce candidate experience since they increase fatigue, frustration and boredom associated with answering highly similar questions repeatedly. Therefore, shorter versions of the NEO PI-R scale were developed:


44-item Big-Five Inventory (BFI)


60-item NEO Five-Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)


100-trait descriptive adjectives (TDA)

So the general trend is towards short instruments that give approximately the same level of reliability as their longer formats.

What testing instruments does EasyTalent use?

EasyTalent offers three personality testing instruments, two based based on the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), and one based on short instrument format (TIPI).

The advantage of using existing IPIP scales (IPIP-NEO-120 and IPIP-5-50) is that they are known to be reliable and correlate significantly with established, valid scales including the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R).

EasyTalent Integrated Testing Instruments
  • When both dimension and facet-level personality insights are required
  • When high reliability and comprehensive rating needed
  • Longer length of time for test is not an issue
  • Typically ideal for very low volume hiring

15-20 minutes



  • When only dimension-level personality insights are sufficient
  • When good test reliability is needed
  • When candidate experience is important
  • When shorter time for test is available
  • Typically ideal for medium volume Pre-screening

8-12 minutes



  • When only dimension-level insights are sufficient
  • When only brief personality factor insights with lower test reliability is sufficient
  • When candidate experience is important
  • When very short time available for test
  • Typically ideal for high volume entry-level pre-screening

2-3 minutes



Since NEO PI-R is a copyrighted and commercial inventory, Goldberg created its comparable public domain version named IPIP-NEO which has 300-items. The public inventory has excellent internal consistency and construct validity and correlates closely with the commercial version NEO PI-R.

With 300 items, IPIP-NEO was very long and took about 40 minutes to complete. Therefore, Johnson created its shorter format version IPIP-NEO-120. This is a public domain 120-item inventory that measures personality constructs similar to those in the NEO PI-R.


The Alpha reliability coefficients values for IPIP-NEO-120 is Good, and there is Excellent correlation with NEO IP-R.

This model was developed by Goldberg using the IP Item Pool. It is a short, valid and reliable 50 item personality test for the five domain constructs (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism).


IPIP-5-50 has a high degree of convergence with the NEO-PI-R, with correlations that range from .85 to .92 when corrected for unreliability.

One of the shortest validated instruments to measure personality traits is the Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI). It was developed by Gosling in 2003, and it takes about 1-2 minutes to be completed. TIPI has become a highly influential tool in psychological research.


TIPI reached adequate levels in each of the criteria against which it was evaluated: convergent and discriminant validity, test–retest reliability, and patterns of external correlates