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What is DAKI?

DAKI in Arabic is the synonym to “Intelligent Discover.” As the name suggests, DAKI is a platform that helps the recruiters find intelligent discovers for their organisation. There are basically four parameters that DAKI helps the recruiters with to develop their rank list.

Demographic Profiling

Map candidates on the basis of their demographics like age, salary, location or any organization specific parameter like travel preferences, preferred working hours etc.

Talent Assessments

Assess functional and behavioral traits through competency, skill, and psychometric assessments

Knowledge Assessments

Knowledge assessments, comprise of understanding the candidate’s technical knowledge in that particular subject. It has three difficulty levels or learning objectives


Video interviews are a better way to make the final selection. DAKI filtering methodology along with online screening and video interviews, empowers you to search for and select your talent globally

Choose your potential candidates

Towards the end of all the filters, the EasyTalent generates a “Ranked List”. The positions are, as mentioned above, based on the candidate’s performance considering the four classification options. As and when the candidates clear every section of the assessment, they keep on getting ranked higher. EasyTalent allows the recruiters to set their own cut-off limits for every assessment. The platform also enables the recruiter to assign multiple internal and external assessors who may be the industry experts to gain an unbiased ranking of the potent candidates.