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Job application forms should

be the first vital step of your

recruiting strategy

You do a great job analysis; you formulate precise job description and job specification; and you post them out for interested applicants to send in their CVs.

Then comes your drudge work. Your CV nightmare.

Flood of CVs surge into inboxes making it humanly impossible for you or your team to go through them – even if you give it just the fleeting 6 seconds per CV (global average).

So you bring in your big gun ATS. It helps, but its CV scanning software is dumb and easily fooled. You can’t differentiate between CVs – they are all keyword stuffed, and all look the same, you don’t know how much of the CV is fake, and you lose out on the really good passive job seekers.

Why would you want to do the back-breaking work of checking which amongst the mountains of CVs meets your job specification?

Start with the decision to Simply ASK the applicants if they meet your requirement...

Welcome to the future.

Job Application Forms should be the first vital step of your recruiting strategy

Sixty-five percent of employers today prefer application forms to CVs because they help to standardize the recruitment process. Application forms guarantee consistency throughout all of your applicants, since they ask each applicant the same questions.

As a result of standardization, you will receive the same information from all applicants and make it easier for you to determine which applicants stand out. Consistency in questions will also make you to be perceived amongst applicants and legally as a company that conducts a fair comparison between applicants.

EasyTalent’s SmartForm allows you to easily create your questions (in Yes/no, Multiple choice, Multiple selection or Likert scale formats). Every applicant would be presented with the standard application form containing the same questions as would be asked of all other applicants. This ensures consistency and standardization. You get applicants’ responses to the same questions, which allows you to accurately compare them.

The big win for a standardized approach is that it allows you to filter out unsuitable candidates quickly. This is especially useful during high volume recruitments or when the applicant response rate is high.

The automated nature of application forms enables you to sift through applicants quickly in near real-time to filter out the unsuitable ones. This gives you a massive advantage in time-to-hire reduction as compared to CVs. The added advantage is that unlike CVs where keyword stuffing and padding makes differentiation between applicants difficult, application forms allow you to differentiate between the suitable and unsuitable applicants much more precisely for subsequent rounds of personality assessment and interview.

EasyTalent’s SmartForm fully automates the application process. It allows you to create knockout questions that will instantly filter out clearly unsuitable applicants and save your time.

SmartForm also permits you to define an ‘ideal candidate persona’, which you can use as a benchmark to measure applicants. You can do this by assigning weightage and desirability levels for the various attributes in your job description and specification. Based on these criteria, EasyTalent can provide you instant filtration of unsuitable applicants along with a ranked shortlist of applicants based on how closely they are to your ideal candidate persona.

Application forms allow you to get much more insight into suitability of applicants, as compared to CVs. Application forms enable questions to be tailored to your organisation and the role to be filled.

You can ask questions in your application form that map precisely with your job descriptions and job specifications. This allows you to filter job applicants based on the exact job skills and experience you are looking for.

EasyTalent’s SmartForm allows you to easily create unlimited number of tailored questions to discover applicants’ suitability specific to the job role and your organization.

You can make the process simple for job-seekers by including application form links on job postings, career page of your website, emails to prospective applicants or on your social media channels.

The applicants need only click the link to be shown the application form, which they can fill online to apply for the job. This betters their experience, enhances your employer brand and, very importantly, attracts passive applicants to respond.

EasyTalent’s SmartForm automatically generates a link after you finish creating your application form. You can copy this link and post it onto the job site, in your career web page, LinkedIn, your company Facebook and Twitter pages, and other social media channels. You can also include the link in emails that you can send to applicants. Doing this increases your funnel of applicants including the passive ones.

Application forms, in addition to asking applicants to answer your questions, can also be designed to ask applicants to upload their CV.

By getting applicants to upload their CVs you can compare the application form with the CV to see if they are consistent. And you can cross-reference their information, which may give you more insight into the applicant. Also, you can use the information found on the CV and application to tailor future questions towards the candidate.

EasyTalent allows you to specify the documents, which you may want the applicant to upload along with the application form. They can include photo, address proof, identity and CV.