EasyTalent easy-to-use
Web & Mobile SmartForm
gives you distinct benefits

Easily create application form questions

Employers love to use application forms and many have already adopted it. Surveys indicate that the number of employers using application forms instead of CVs can grow rapidly if they have an easy and automated way to create job application form questions, which are seamlessly integrated with their application process.

EasyTalent SmartForm gives you an easy way to create, select and edit questions as you build your job application form. The complete process of question creation is fully integrated within the application process. The questions created in the SmartForm are saved into a library and can be reused as and when required.

EasyTalent SmartForm allows you to create two kinds of questions:


•These are typically created by the HR administrator and are applicable across all jobs. These questions are generally used to filter out applicants who do not meet the core DNA and culture of the organization. They could also include questions that seek to filter out applicants on organization-level policy decisions – for example, asking if the applicant has a spouse working in the company (if the company has a policy of not permitting spouses to be employed in the same setup).

• These are created by the Recruiter and are applicable for the particular job. Typically, these questions are used to filter out applicants who do not meet the skills, experience or qualifications required in the job role.

Compare applicants with your ideal candidate persona

The outcome of Job Analysis is:

• Job description – which states the title and purpose of the job, list of duties, job location, working conditions, reporting hierarchy, tools and equipment to be used in the job.

• Job specification (also known as employee specification) – which states the desired professional experience, education level, certifications, specific qualities, physical, mental and communication skills required to perform the job, and accountabilities of the role. It also includes personality attributes like intelligence, emotional ability, adaptability, values and ethics, creativity, etc.

The attributes listed in the job specification are normally of an ideal candidate (for example top performing employees) who would be successful in the job role. The aim of asking questions in the application form is to find out if the applicants possess attributes as per the job specification. While holding attributes listed in the job specification is important, how closely their attribute values match with the ideal value are also important. The closer it is, more the chances of success in the job.

To help measure closeness, EasyTalent SmartForm allows you to associate a desirability level to every option of the question you create in the application form. Options are the available answers to a question that the applicant can select from (for example, applicant can choose yes, in a question with two options yes and no). Desirability level indicates how close the option is to the ideal attribute value (it is defined on a scale that ranges from very high to reject).

Based on options that the applicant chooses, corresponding desirability levels associated with the selected options are graded, and a composite score is derived that indicates how close the applicant’s attributes are to the ideal candidate persona.

EasyTalent prepares a ranked list of all applicants based on how close they are to the ideal persona. Applicants on the top of the list are closest match to the ideal candidate persona attributes, and can potentially be a good fit. These applicants can be shortlisted for further assessments and interview.

SmartLink your application form questions


EasyTalent SmartForm provides you a SmartLink feature which is a great way to collect important information from applicants. SmartLink allows you to link a question’s option to your pre-defined question, which gives you the capability for triggering an automated validation of any ambiguous or suspicious response entered by the applicant.

If an applicant chooses an option which requires more clarification and if you have SmartLinked the option to your pre-defined question, SmartLink will automatically create a one-way video question to collect the applicant’s clarification. EasyTalent also creates a reminder entry for the interviewer in a two-way interview with the applicant. The reminder prompts the interviewer to ask the applicant your pre-defined question during the two-way interview.

EasyTalent mobile application forms improve candidate experience

Mobile devices have forever changed the way we live. Instant application for jobs from mobile phones is becoming mainstream. Employers serious about improving the application ratio have to adapt to the mobile groundswell. To maximize your job marketing efforts, it will be essential that you provide more options to respond.

EasyTalent mobile SmartForm provides an elegant mobile application form option for employers. Applicants can apply for jobs on their mobiles with as much ease as they would on web. EasyTalent mobile SmartForm includes comprehensive disconnection management, and you can ask applicants to upload their CV, photo and other documents directly from the mobile.