Aadhaar Authentication
Facial Recognition
Prevent Frauds
Online pre-screening is Great. But beware of fraudsters!

“Online pre-screening saves up to 60% of the time it takes to hire someone, and new employees are 15% more productive. Therefore, it is fast-growing trend and is used regularly by 60% of large organizations. In addition to reducing the time and effort required at the early stages of the hiring process, online pre-screening can help your organization improve your hiring process.”

– Deloitte Research

EasyTalent Aadhaar Authentication & Fraud Prevention


EasyTalent’s strong Candidate Identity Authentication

  • 1The candidate enters the Aadhaar number which is validated by UIDAI
  • 2UIDAI sends an OTP to the candidate’s registered mobile device.
  • 3Candidate inputs the OTP (This provides a strong two-factor authentication of candidate)
  • 4OTP is sent to UIDAI
  • 5If entered OTP is correct, the candidate’s KYC details are received, and candidate is authenticated as OK, else the transaction is terminated.

EasyTalent’s Advanced Face Recognition Engine prevents Fraud

Face matching Liveliness check