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Job applicants today are more connected than ever before, and they expect organizations to be as well. In this environment,

integrating mobile into your talent assessment initiatives is an absolute must in order to keep up with your competitors.

EasyTalent Mobile for Candidates
The candidate experience begins before most companies expect. ... it starts when someone visits your career site for the first time.



Applicants view the opportunity to take tests on mobile devices as a very positive thing and they also perceive organizations that allow mobile testing in a positive light. Mobile assessments can significantly enrich candidate experience and employer brand


The attraction of mobile assessment is that candidates can complete tests whenever, and from wherever, they want. By being where the candidates are, mobiles can significantly increase the organization’s engagement with both active and passive job seekers.


EasyTalent gives candidates the option of taking the test either on their mobile devices or on their laptops/PCs. The solution also permits seamless switching from mobile to laptop/PC and vice versa during the assessment, which may become necessary in case of loss of Internet or mobile network connectivity
By providing choice and seamless integration, the organization is perceived more favorably by applicants, which increases organization’s brand.


Many candidates prefer the anonymity of taking assessments from their mobile device rather than their company computer.

EasyTalent Mobile for Organizations
  • Extend your reach and engage better with both active and passive job seekers through job portals and social media
  • Build your own customized mobile job application form for pre-screening applicants
  • Assess applicants’ competencies, skills, personality and knowledge on the go
  • Conduct asynchronous one-way video interview
  • Shortlist candidates remotely
Benefits of integrating mobile solution

Competitive advantage

Mobiles enable organizations to reach out to applicants faster, and they get results faster. This can help them to identify and recruit the right people before their competitors. Also, using a mobile solution to reach candidates is critical to competing for talent within Tier2 and Tier3 cities.


High volume assessments

EasyTalent mobile app allows high volume recruiters to reach greater number of prospective applicants who can take their assessments from anywhere anytime. This increases candidate experience and reduces the time-to-hire and cost-of-hire.



EasyTalent allows recruiters to choose proctoring for an assessment, irrespective of whether it is to be delivered on mobile devices or non-mobile devices, thus ensuring test integrity across devices


Video interviewing

Mobile devices can support the process of video interviewing. Organizations can incorporate video interviews into the selection process at an earlier stage itself.

High volume screening

High volume screening can become a costly exercise in both time and money when using traditional assessments on Laptops/PC, because typically high-volume screening is done for entry level job hiring, where many of the prospective candidates may not have access to Laptops/PCs. However, all of them would have their mobile devices that they can use for taking assessments, which offers organizations a potent way to administer assessments to potential applicants.

Mobile-first assessments

EasyTalent allows design of ‘mobile-first’ assessments that take into account how tests will display on a small screen as well as how mobile devices allow for different modes of interaction (e.g. touch and gestures). EasyTalent’s mobile-first assessments also undergo validity trials across different devices to ensure usability and candidate experience.

Multi-lingual support

EasyTalent supports multi-lingual mobile assessments which is an important requirement for blue-collared entry-level job hiring. Applicants for these job roles typically tend to be more comfortable taking tests in their regional language.

Cross-device consistency

EasyTalent assessments are optimized for administration across mobile devices and laptops/PCs thereby ensuring consistency of measurements. This holds true for both cognitive and non-cognitive assessments.

Administer high stake assessments

EasyTalent allows recruiters to manage low and high-stake assessments by specifying whether the assessment can be taken on mobile device or not and whether the assessment should be proctored or not.