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Unlimited jobs + Includes all Screening features + Includes all Basic features + Includes all Standard features +
Activity Dashboard Online talent assessments Screening interviews Live two-way Interviews
User roles management Psychometrics Tests one-way video interviews Practice interviews
Candidate Demographic profiling Skill and Knowledge testing Interview Scheduling Look-up questions
Candidate Demographic Public and Private Question Banks Interview preparation Live Panel Interviews
Desirability Index All question types On-demand interviews Panel Group Management
Job Description Upload Question tagging Interview questions Candidate Selection management
Email invitations Adjustable Time Limits  Customizable Think Time Multiple Assessors
Analytics and applicant ranking Training assessments Customize Take Limits Collaborative evaluation
Archiving & Retention Advanced analytics Infinite Question Response time
Customizable Branding Online proctoring Interview Rating System
Mobile Testing Custom rating scales
Pool of Assessors
Video Assessments
Interview download
Mobile interviews
Video playback & review
Question-wise rating
Additional Rating
Mobile Interviews and Rating