How to get job ready?

Be it an online or an offline interview, at EasyTalent, we believe that the candidates deserve much more than an unbiased evaluation. The evaluation shouldn’t just be holistic and multi-dimensional but should give the candidate consistent feedback and insights on improvement. EasyTalent has a training module section that lets the candidates develop a transformation from their campus to career progression.

Build video Profile

Build your video

The first step for the candidates to start off portraying their skills to make it to their desired job is building your video profiles. Right from communication skills to the body language, this is the first step where the candidates can actually build a great first impression on the interviewers.

Take Unlimited Mock Interviews

Take unlimited
mock interviews

EasyTalent is filled with mock practice tests of general and the technical interview questions.These mock interviews help the candidates form a sense of confidence before they actually appear in the interviews. They tend to perform much better and showcase everything that they have to make it to their desired jobs.

Get Think Time to Optimize  Responses

Set unlimited think
time to optimize interview responses

When setting up a one-way interview session, the interviewer can give as much time he wishes to before the candidate can respond. These are skippable if the candidate wishes to or may be used by them to optimize their interview responses. Candidates can make use of this think time to optimise their responses and make it to an impressive one.

Get Multiple Retakes

Multiple retake

The interviewer can set as many attempts they wish to offer the candidate for re-appearing in the interview sessions. Candidates can take a benefit of these retake possibilities to perform well for their interviews. Therefore, EasyTalent becomes a comfortable platform giving an unlimited number of customisations possible in terms of practice, retakes, preparation time, etc.

Get Assesed From Panel of Experts

Assessment from
panel of experts

As job seekers, when we give interviews and get selected, it’s a victory. But if it wasn’t our luck, then we definitely wish to know what went wrong. EasyTalent is a platform that does not refrain from giving feedbacks. An interview given by the candidate can not only be evaluated by the recruiter/ placement officer but by anyone who’s capable of assessing it. It allows the panel as a service to evaluate and provide feedback on every single question answered by the candidate. The Assessment from a panel of subject matter experts is a great way to identify your shortcomings and get feedback to improve their interview delivery skills.

Build Psychometric Aptitude

Build Psychometric

Psychometric attitude test is a method that measures an individual’s mental competences and their behavioural style. These Psychometric tests are developed to identify candidates' suitability for a job role based on the need aptitude and personality characteristics or cognitive abilities. Candidates who aren’t sure of their career paths can benefit from these assessments to identify the most suitable role they are apt for.